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Ravish Patwardhan on Mobile and Desktop Applications

Ravish Patwardhan considers the recent explosion in number of applications for computing, mostly as applicable to smartphones.  The existence of a platform to receive such apps, as Patwardhan explains, has facilitated an ability to “make life easier” that was previously not seen to this extent.

Since the open-source invitation to create applications by numerous operating systems, there has been a recent burgeoning of this industry.  For example, Patwardhan notes categories as diverse as games (e.g. Angry Birds), household functions (e.g. turning lights on), medical pharmacopoeia (e.g. Epocrates), take-out delivery of food (e.g. Seamless), or others among the thousands which fall into unique categories, Ravish Patwardhan methodically determines which apps are worth discussing, and in which category.  He takes, as in other discussions, an approach of considering the historical, present-day, and future implications of such applications.  Briefly, he considers the platforms (e.g. Apple vs. Droid vs. other) that facilitate these applications existing, the types of incentives, agreements, and processes through which app designers go to provide an app, and some interesting trends among users.

Separately, Patwardhan considers the key elements of the apps themselves – the security issues (e.g. for banking apps), confidentiality issues (e.g. for personal interaction apps, e.g. for private business meetings), and for mass communication.  The ability to actually take entire devices (such as the prior Sony Walkman, to the iPod, to an app on the iPhone by Apple), represent marked transformations.

Having participated in the creation of some such applications (working with developers), Ravish Patwardhan has some insight into the complexity of he task, and strives to learn more (and describe it in these articles).  This fascinating world, as Patwardhan contends, has already transformed medicine, shopping (e-tailing), travel (e.g. Kayak, Expedia, etc.), information gathering (e.g. weather, news), and access to so many other useful daily items.

Consideration is given to future applications, the potential methods of delivery, devices upon which these apps may reside, and how the users may be better served (while providers may also be better served, in turn by gaining information – further discussed by Patwardhan in the respective “Data Analytics” site.

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